Kits sold after 1 April, 2013 include NEW SOFTWARE!

Written by Tony Guymer


Posted on February 28 2013

4 April 2013

MotorCycle Cruise Controls is pleased to announce the release of new software on all motorcycle cruise control kits sold after April 1, 2013 and its availability for software upgrade on older computers as described below.  Order yours now!

28 February 2013 - News

Both new and long-standing customers will be pleased to hear that our company is nearing completion of a four year project to redevelop our cruise control software. 

From about 2006, we were finding our current software was struggling with some of the new generations of motorcycles, particularly those with more power and throttle responsiveness.  Two to three years ago, we discreetly introduced the ability to 're-program' our cruise control computer module which allowed us to update software after the computer modules were sealed and potted.  Consequently, any computer module sold since that time can accept a software upgrade simply by returning the module to us, we reprogram it and return it.  You plug it in and off you go - no other changes required - just substantially better performance and speed holding and more rapid response to hills and undulations.

The new software is substantially better on bikes like the FJR1300 2006-7 models which are nearly impossible to make cruise control work well on and other bikes with high power outputs.

The new software also delivers superior functions for calibration and adjustment to suit any particular motorcycle.

The new software offers a 'coast' function on the ON-OFF button, where pressing the ON-OFF button will disengage the cruise control without turning the cruise control off, so one press of the ON-OFF button will disengage the cruise, and pressing SET or RES will re-engage the cruise control.

 A new easy to use speed alert function has been added.  This can be used to operate a light or a beeper to alert the rider to over speed situations.  It only takes about 3 seconds to 'SET' the alert to any speed desired or turn off the speed alert function at any time while riding the bike.

Incremental speed increases using the SET or RES buttons while the cruise is engaged can now be set by the owner to be 1 kph, 2 kph (standard), 1 mph or 2 mph per press of either button.

The cruise control now has much better testing and diagnostic functions making fault diagnosis much easier, particularly on bikes where the cruise control computer is 'buried' in the bike and is difficult to access.  Previously, access to the computer was required for many of the diagnostic procedures.  Almost everything is available on the cruise control switch now and more and better procedures are also available.

 If you can access your cruise computer module, you can determine whether your module can accept the software upgrade - simply look at the label on the BACK plate of the aluminium housing and see if the program version has the appendix 'BL' (eg. V2.83.22BL)

If the label is illegible, or the computer is difficult to access, you can also tell if it is a 're-programmable' module by turning on the ignition key and noting if there is a short delay of a couple of seconds BEFORE the cruise back-lights on the cruise control switch buttons light up - easiest seen at night!  You will need to do this at least twice, as the delay in turning on may only occur if the power has been off for a short period, so the first time the ignition is turned on there may be no delay.

If the back-lights come on instantly EVERY time the ignition is turned on, I regret we cannot upgrade your module's software.  It is possible to buy a complete new module, but whether the improvements warrant the expense is moot.  Your kit must already be at least 3-4 years old and is probably working acceptably well.  A new version of our current cruise control computer costs $246AUD plus shipping (plus 10% GST in Australia), so it possibly isn't worthwhile upgrading. 

If the back-lights do come on after a couple of seconds delay, then your computer can take a software upgrade for only $100AUD plus postage, by shipping it back to us here in Melbourne, Australia. We will test all functions are working properly and then upload new software and set it up with 'optimal' settings for your bike.  However, this new software enables you to fine-tune the system to your exact needs should you find it unsatisfactory in almost any way.

One of the key problems we have faced in Australia is that testing at speeds above 110kph (roughly 70mph) is illegal.  Consequently when I fitted a kit to my Honda PC800 Pacific Coast in the USA in 2008, I was shocked to see how poor the engagement was running at 75mph - the bike slowed substantially before picking up the speed again. I corrected this by re-calibrating it, but by doing so made it 'push' too hard at slower speeds.  I accepted that then because I had no choice, but that experience was one of the drivers in the development of our new code.

So......we look forward to being able to serve you much better in the near future with significantly better new product, but are just as pleased to be able to offer existing customers an upgrade pathway which will see them enjoy their already great product even more for years to come.

Watch our web site for the release of the new software in the near future.



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