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Speed Limiter for Honda TRX500 & TRX520 (From 2014)

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To suit Honda TRX500 FM1/FE1/FM2/FE2/FM5/FM6/FA5/FA6 from 2014 & TRX520 2019 on, also called the Fourtrax Foreman 4x4 and 4x4ES with and without power steering, also the Foretrax Rubicon from 2015. These models have the 475cc engine.

This will NOT fit vehicles such as the TRX500FPA with the 499cc engine such as the pre 2015 Fourtrax Rubicon.

The Electronic ATV 'SpeedSafe' (Speed Limiter) unit is specifically designed for these vehicles, with selections depending on speedometer fitment, and allows FULL POWER up to the limiting speed.

A set-up switch to configure the speed limiter is necessary and is OPTIONAL. Only ONE switch is required for a fleet of vehicles (see notes below). Select the set-up switch from the first drop down selection box at the bottom of the page.

Select the 'Tamper Resistant' or 'Standard' configuration from the second drop down selection box. Please read the SPEEDSAFE BROCHUREfor details.

Select the speed sensor type from the third drop down selection box. Most TRX420 and 500 models come with a digital speedometer. Select 'OE speedometer' for these models. For vehicles with no original Honda speedometer sender (some versions of the base manual shift model) select a kit with either an 'MCS Rear Axle Speed Sensor' (all parts required will be supplied in the cruise control kit when ordered) OR a kit for the Retrofitted Honda Speed Sensor (installer must buy a Honda speedometer sender for a dealer and retro-fit original Honda sensor - the sensor is not supplied in the kit or sold by MCCruise).


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The electronic speed limiting unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.


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  1. Please read the PRODUCT BROCHURE for important information about this SpeedSafe unit and your vehicle. In particular you must decide if you want 'Standard' or Tamper Resistant' default configuration.
  2. MCCruise pre-configures SpeedSafe limiting speed to 15MPH (25km/h) by default, or as specified at time of purchase - please EMAIL US or use the Cart comment box if you want a different default speed.
  3. The setup switch is REQUIRED for the installer/owner to setup & configure the speed limiter, change the limiting speed, or run diagnostic testing. The switch is common to the entire SpeedSafe range and spare switches are sold on request. If you do not require more than one switch, each SpeedSafe product can be bought without a set-up control switch at reduced cost.