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Speed Limiter for Speed Limiter for Honda SXS700 Pioneer (From 2014)

Setup Switch:

Each Honda Speed Limiter kit has a fully plug and play wiring harness, so requires no modification (splicing or cutting) to your bike or Honda OEM wiring harness.

NOTE: - We need to know what type of electrical connector for the fuel injector is used on the vehicle. There are two different fuel injectors used on this vehicle, we need to know which one is fitted to be able to provide the correct connections.

The 2nd photo above show where the injector plug is located, between the air filter and the engine, on top of the throttle body.

The 3rd photo shows the old connector on the injector.

The 4th photo shows the new connector on the injector, this photo is from another vehicle, but the connector type is the same.

When ordering this product, please add a note to the order to tell us which injector plug your vehicle has.