Revised Electric Servo MCCruise kit for the Suzuki Bandit will be available very soon!

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LED Brake Light harness modification for MCS8000C cruise computer

(10% GST will be added in the cart for Australian orders only)

The LED brake light harness modification MUST be ordered and paid for WITH a cruise control kit.¶ÿ If you attempt to purchase this without buying a cruise control kit we will refund your card.¶ÿ If you forget to buy it, you can purchase it separately, but it MUST be fitted and shipped with your cruise control kit.

This is ONLY necessary if you have an aftermarket (accessory, NOT as supplied by the bike manufacturer) LED tail light assembly fitted to your bike.¶ÿ If your bike comes with LED brake/tail lights from the factory, the cruise control will already be set up to suit the bike, which means it MIGHT have this modification already fitted.¶ÿ You do NOT need to purchase this modification IF YOUR BIKE HAS THE ORIGINAL TAIL LIGHT AND OR TAIL LIGHT GLOBES FITTED, LED or standard globes.

However, even if your bike has factory fitted LED lights, if you fit a different LED tail light assembly you may need to have this modification done.

If your bike comes standard with LED brake lights, your cruise control kit may have this modification already included.¶ÿ Contact us for more information before ordering your cruise control kit.


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