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Motorcycle Cruise Control Electric Servo UPGRADE for Vacuum Actuator MCCruise Kits

Crimper #61:

Unavailability of our vacuum actuator (the moulds to manufacture it died!) has forced MCCruise to discontinue all vacuum actuator-based kits. Previously, they were all marked 'Sold Out' on this web site. However, we have now made them available again, but only for purchase with this electric servo upgrade kit. Sales where servo upgrade kits are purchased  without purchasing a vacuum MCCruise kit will not be honoured.

There is hope however for those mechanically capable enough to upgrade to our new electric servo. In essence, the customer/installer needs to buy our vacuum actuator-based MCCruise kit (which will NOT include an actuator)  plus an electric servo upgrade kit using the model-specific instructions in the vacuum kit in conjunction with instructions for our latest electric servo allowing them to install our latest computer, software and electric servo on those older bikes we cannot obtain to upgrade.

Click here for the high resolution PDF (4.1MB) showing what is involved in upgrading a vacuum actuator MCCruise to our new electric servo. Photos are much clearer due to the larger file size.

The Electric Servo Upgrade Kit is not for the mechanically challenged .If you can't readily understand the model-specific, vacuum actuator instructions and see what needs to be done to replace that actuator with our electric servo, please do not think about buying our kit.