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Cruise Control for Kawasaki KLE300 Versys-X 300 2017 ON

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This product is MCCruise' first attempt to video the instructions - in an attempt to speed up the development cycle and bring more product to our clamoring customers - affordably.

We make GREAT cruise controls, but don't claim to be expert in video production. Nonetheless, all the detail you require is contained in the video and since experience tells us people are not keen on reading instructions these days, we hope the video makes it easier for our customers AND reduces the support we need to offer - a prerequisite for offering more product.

The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for this vehicle. It was developed on a 2018 model bike and we think may fit 2017 through to current models, but please compare VERY carefully to YOUR bike!

All Electric Servo & Throttle-by-Wire motorcycle cruise installation instruction manuals we have developed  can be found here and contains the following for you:

  1. Setup Manual & Troubleshooting at - Instructions>Motorcycle Cruise Instructions>Manuals General>Setup & Troubleshooting>MCS8000C Servo Setup & Troubleshooting Manuals
  2. Slim & Standard Switch at - Instructions>Motorcycle Cruise Instructions>Manuals General
  3. We have 'borrowed' some pages from other models to help explain in detail the speed and tach wire connections, which are printed in your kit.

Please choose your model very carefully as shipping and re-stocking fees are expensive.

Switch Options:

  1. Above-Bar
  2. Slim Switch

We urge you to review the complete installation manuals and assess whether to install yourself, or whether you need to employ a professional before purchasing from us. Allow around 5 hours labour for professional installation

Installation instructions are broken up into discrete sections - ALL are mandatory viewing:


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