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Cruise Control for Honda NC750X up to 2020

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NOTE: - This kit will fit all years up to and including the 2020 models with conventional throttle cables to the throttle twist grip (mechanical throttle control).  It will not fit the new 2021 NC750X with Throttle-By-Wire.

The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for this vehicle.

All Electric Servo & Throttle-by-Wire motorcycle cruise installation instruction manuals we have developed  can be found here Please choose your model very carefully as shipping and re-stocking fees are expensive. We urge you to review and assess complete installation manuals whether to install yourself, or need to employ a professional before purchasing from us.

Installing the Slim Switch on a DCT version.

There are four different control switch options for the manual shift version of this bike. Only the mirror mount will fit the DCT version without modification to the bike.  It may be possible to move the park brake mechanism away from the bike's switch block to create a 10mm (3/8") gap between the switch block and the park brake.  If that is possible, then the Slim Switch can be fitted to the DCT model. See the brochure for more details.  We have not attempted to fit a Slim Switch to the DCT version, this must be investigated by the installer.

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