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Cruise Control for CF Moto 650 MT (Featuring our compact electric servo)

Switch Option
Terminal Extractor Tools
Servo mounting hardware
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NOTE: - This product is NOT available yet, should be available in early March '23.  You can place an order, but it will not be shipped until early March at best.

The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for this vehicle.

In order to fit the cruise control a set of terminal extractor tools is required. These are optional, but will be needed to install the cruise control. More detail about these tools is provided in the brochure.

Please read the brochure (link below) to see how the cruise control will look on your bike and let us know your bike model when placing an order with us.

All Electric Servo & Throttle-by-Wire motorcycle cruise installation instruction manuals we have developed  can be found here.   Please choose your model very carefully as shipping and re-stocking fees are expensive. We  urge you to review and assess complete installation manuals  whether to install yourself, or need to employ a professional before purchasing from us.

Cruise control switch - there are two options to choose from (see photos):

    • New Slim MCCruise switch: Our new fully-featured and weatherproof switch which is a no cost option, and is fitted between the bike's switch block and the clutch lever mount. It has backlit buttons for night use, power (ON-OFF) indicator light and engage indicator light. The switch is 10mm (3/8") wide, so it may be necessary to slide the clutch lever assembly across to make space to mount the switch on the handlebar. Contact us for installation instructions if you wish to see how it is fitted.
    • MCCruise switch: Our proven, fully-featured and weatherproof switch which comes standard with all of our products. Backlit buttons for night use, power (ON-OFF) indicator light and engage indicator light. This is mounted above the handlebar.

    Cruise control Throttle Servo mounting options.

    • The default mount for the Throttle Servo is on the left side of the bike on the bike's crash bar, see the photos above. As supplied it can be mounted above or below the crash bar tube using the supplied mounting hardware.  Above or below mounting can be decided while fitting the cruise control.  

    • If your bike does not have crash bars, or you don't want to mount it in this location there is an alternative mounting arrangement on the right side of the bike, above the passenger footrest mount. Nothing else changes in the contents of the cruise control kit, only the hardware supplied to mount the throttle servo.


    In order to fit this cruise control kit, small terminals have to be backed out of connector housings.  This requires suitable terminal extractor tools. See the   product brochure for details.

    • Download the Brochure now:
      Click here for the vehicle brochure
      The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.
    • Download the Parts List now:
    • Click here for more information on this Motorcycle Cruise Control
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