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Cruise Control for BMW R nine T

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CAN-BUS Dongle Patch
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Available now in limited quantities.

All Electric Servo & Throttle-by-Wire motorcycle cruise installation instruction manuals we have developed can be found here.  Please choose your model very carefully as shipping and re-stocking fees are expensive.  We urge you to review and assess complete installation manuals whether to install yourself, or need to employ a professional before purchasing from us.

The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for this vehicle, but there are several variants of this model and the mounting of the cruise control components may not work on all of these variants. Please download the brochure when it is available and compare the photographs carefully to your bike to ensure the cruise control kit will physically fit your bike. This is very important in ensuring we provide a kit which fits your bike.

The component most likely to be an issue is the throttle servo which is mounted to the left side diagonal frame tube that supports the rear light and pillion seat (see the Electric Throttle Servo photo).  Some models do not have this frame tube.

The other potential issue is where the cruise control computer is mounted.  The space at the rear of the fuel tank was empty on 'our' machine, but there could be some accessory that fits there.

We have a huge variety of mounting hardware, so if you think the kit will not fit your bike as supplied, contact us at and if possible send us clear photos so can see if we can supply something suitable for your bike.

Cruise control switch - there are two options to choose from. See the photos at the top of the page:

  1. MCCruise switch: Our proven, fully-featured and weatherproof switch which comes standard with all of our products. Backlit buttons for night use, power (ON-OFF) indicator light and engage indicator light.

  2. New Slim MCCruise switch: Our new fully-featured and weatherproof switch which is a no cost option, and is fitted between the bike's switch block and the clutch lever mount.  Backlit buttons for night use, power (ON-OFF) indicator light and engage indicator light.  The switch is 10mm (3/8") wide, so it may be necessary to slide the clutch lever assembly across to make space to mount the switch on the handlebar.  This is not usually an issue on this model.  Contact us for installation instructions if you wish to see how it is fitted.

Speed bump setting: The cruise computer is fully configurable by the user for either km/h or mph.

Cruise control wiring harness - there are two options to choose from. See the link for the brochure below for more details and photos:

  1. The Standard Cruise Wiring Harness has a connector for the bike's accessory CAN-BUS plug.  If the bike does NOT have an accessory connected to this plug, the plug will be fitted with a 'dummy' or 'termination' plug.  The cruise control harness will have a plug to fit the bike's CAN-BUS accessory plug, and the 'dummy' plug is no longer connected.

  2. The Optional CAN-BUS Dongle Patch has two CAN-BUS connectors and is used when the bike's CAN-BUS accessory plug is connected a device such as a tire pressure monitor or alarm system.  This patch allows the bike's accessory AND the cruise control harness to be connected to the bike.  NOTE: - if an accessory is not fitted, and the bike has a 'dummy' plug and the dummy plug is connected to this patch harness THE CRUISE CONTROL WILL NOT WORK.  The dummy plug 'loads' the CAN-BUS circuit and corrupts the signals.  If your bike does not have an accessory fitted DO NOT ORDER THE DONGLE PATCH.
  • Download the Brochure now:
    Click here for the vehicle brochure  
    The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.
  • If your bike is fitted with (or you plan to fit) LED brake lights or a brake-light modulator, then a modification to the wiring harness is required to make the cruise control work. Please select the LED brake light option before adding your purchase to the Cart.
  • Download the Parts List now:
    Click here for more information on this Motorcycle Cruise Control
  • CLICK HERE  to see a list of installers.