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Control Switch & Harness Assembly - V2

LENGTH of switch harness:
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Direct replacement for the MCS820 V1 control switch harness, keypad and housing.

This switch will work with cruise control computers made by MotorCycle Cruise Controls (cruise control kit part number MCS 4xxx ,MCS 6xxx series or MCS7xxx series).

This part is not suitable for use on our QuadCruise products as it has a different connector. Another version of this switch with the correct connector is available.

This will NOT work with cruise part number MCS 9xxx series).  Contact us for availability of these switches.

This will NOT work with earlier (pre 2004) MCS 1xxx or MCS 2xxx series cruise controls. Contact us for availability of these early model switches.

This switch will also work on right-hand side applications without modification. This usually applies to bikes with semi auto or auto transmissions such as Yamaha YCCS or Honda DCT.

There are two harness lengths available - 160cm (63") or 90cm (35").

This item does NOT include a mounting bracket, which is a separate purchase if required.

Please refer to your cruise control Parts List in the Installation Manual or EMAIL US if you are unsure what variant you need to purchase.