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Control Switch Bracket

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Direct replacement for control switch brackets, or if you desire an alternate mounting bracket (above vs. below handlebar for example). Most of these brackets are now finished with satin black powder coat; however we usually have stock of uncoated brackets that may be polished on request. Ask for availability.

If you would like an blank (unbent, not powder coated or polished) bracket, ask for availability before purchasing, we often keep 1 or 2 pieces of each bracket unfinished in stock, but not always.

MCS part numbers can be obtained from the following places:
1) The original installation manual supplied with your kit (refer to Parts List)
2) The downloadable 'Parts List PDF' found within each product page on this website
3) Most can be found in this Switch Bracket Guide
4) By EMAILING US with your bike make/model before placing your order

Please EMAIL US or use the Cart's comments box to tell us what bike this will be mounted to and where (above or below, left hand side or right) as some bending of the bracket may be required - failure to do this will delay your order until we have the answer.