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Cruise Control for Yamaha YFM400FWA & A Kodiak (To 2001) Without Brake Lights

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Model-specific, plug & play Speed & Spray Control (QuadCruise) for this ATV. For use in all slow speed applications.

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Note 3:- This cruise kit uses a speed sensor on the rear axle disc brake. Check that the rear disc brake is suitable for use as a speed sensor tone wheel by performing the following checks. Place a magnet on the disc surface & count the number of slots in the disc. The magnet MUST stick to the disc & there must be 12 slots in the disc for the cruise control to work. Some models have a metal cover over the disc that will need to be removed or a hole cut in it for the sensor. Note 4:- This kit will ONLY fit ATV's that do NOT have factory brake lights & brake light switches fitted. The cruise control kit includes brake light switches. Provision is provided on the cruise control wiring harness to allow fitment of a brake light if desired.