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Only MCCruise has GLOBAL Product liability Insurance for their products on motorcycles, ATVs and tractors

Become a Dealer in MotorCycle Cruise Control Products:

This Menu is reserved for legitimate dealers to establish a trading relationship with MotorCycle Cruise Controls. In order to purchase, you need to create a customer account on this web site and have it approved by the staff at MotorCycle Cruise Controls. Dealers cannot buy at 'wholesale' prices until we authourise you - so plea se do not purchase items from the site until we email advising you have been approved. If you buy prematurely, you will pay full retail.

Click here to open a new window with a PDF to guide you through the Account Setup procedure ...then go back to the main window and do the following using the PDF in the second window as a guide:

Click the following link to buy a 'Dealer Account Setup' product to expedite transfer to the account creation page:, but please ensure you create an account, setup a password....and remember it!

Once your account is approved, when you login on the web site a new menu item 'Wholesale Products' will become visible on the main menu bar.  You can then buy at trade prices from that menu.

If you are interested in purchasing quality product with exceptional installation instructions which bolt onto the bike and FIT - our product is for you.

We give you reasonable estimates of the time it will really take to install our kits;

If you have tried to install car cruise controls on motorcycles in the past, you know how difficult it is to estimate the time it will take - or to guarantee the performance when finished. With our kits you know what it will cost for the kit and shipping up front, how long it will take to get it and you can quote accurately on labour for fitting;

IF you have any reservations about performance, longevity or support, refer to the Testimonials link in the main menu and you will start to understand why our company is held in such high regard. We stand behind every product we sell. No ifs, buts or maybes. The buck stops here!

If you have installed car cruise controls before, you already know how difficult it can be to attach the cruise control to the throttle cable or spindle SAFELY! You need to benefit from, and be aware of, our experience. We have been making model-specific motorcycle and ATV cruise controls since 1997 and exporting all over the world - click here for some important background information;

EVERY kit is built to order! You do not need to hold stock on the shelf. You can easily market the product to your customers using the brochures attached to every product on this web site. Print exactly the right one out for him or her for their bike! Quote exactly what it will cost. Take a deposit, order from us and usually within 7 days you will have the kit in your workshop ready to install;

If you have an issue - email us and we will call you on the phone. The diagnostic mode features of our products allow you to test every function on the centre stand (if the bike has one) before you go anywhere. We can run through this on the phone with you if required and point out where any problem lies quickly and how to correct it;

Finally, if a cruise control fails to engage or disengages while riding, the cruise has STOP codes which will tell you exactly WHY it won't work! What could be easier?

What have you got to lose?

Email us at to receive a dealer introductory package which explains in detail how we work, what kits and shipping costs and how to buy. You also get access to complete installation instructions before you purchase and we can call you to answer any questions you may have.
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