Revised Electric Servo MCCruise kit for the Suzuki Bandit will be available very soon!

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Product Liability Insurance - why only MCCruise has it.

There is a very good reason why MCCruise has global Product Liability Insurance- we've done the hard yards in research and development and continue to spend the money required to make our  hardware and software fail-safe( Certificate of Currency)

Since designing our products' hardware and software from the ground up in 2001-2003, MCCruise' customers have never experienced a ' sudden unintended acceleration' event (which can occur with automotive cruise controls) and no major safety incidents.

We stand behind our product - unlike our competitors using car cruise controls.  The disclaimers they use are really quite scary, because they know these products are not designed for motorcycles and are aware that they are potentially dangerous:

'Murphs' Kits: The usual disclaimers: Installing and using this kit is the responsibility of the person doing the work and operating the motorcycle. The information contained below is a guideline and represents what has worked for me. Your installation may be different and may require different materials and procedures. The installation of anything that controls the throttle of a moving vehicle has substantial risk both to the operator and others in the area. Be careful during the installation and use common sense.  The Rostra cruise control is a fully electro-mechanical device. Buyers:Be very aware that the cruise controls offered on this site are UNIVERSAL AUTOMOTIVE cruise controls. None of them have been approved for motorcycle application by their respective manufacturers. However, over the years ingenious tinkerers have adapted them to several models of motorcycles. We can not, and will in no way, guarantee they will work on your motorcycle. We are also unable to offer technical support during installation. All sales of cruise controls are final, and under no circumstances will we accept return units. Any warranty issues are covered by the respective manufacturers, and are between you and them.'

So what do Rostra say about their products:
'Rostra does not support or endorse fitment of their products to motorcycles. We do not recommend using any Rostra cruise control systems on motorcycle, ATV, or other non-automotive applications as we do not validate the operation of these units on these vehicles. Due to safety concerns surrounding these installations, Rostra representatives are unable to provide technical support on these applications.'

And more recently, Brandon Distribution:
There is no disclaimer on his web site that I can find, but Joe Brandon uses an automotive cruise control made by Lite-On - as we do, but only in our current Throttle-By-Wire cruise controls. Joe approached us to sell his product in early 2016, but we were not satisfied he was careful enough about safety to get into any kind of partnership.  We are competitors in the same market, but our product is covered by our Product Liability Insurance for motorcycles, because we undertake protracted, careful development and tell our customers exactly how to fit them.

One other thing - we spent a lot of time and effort redeveloping our switch to work with the Lite-On product, because we know it works.  Our switch has been in production since 2002. It is back-lit for night riding and has a bi-colour LED to show when the cruise is on and when it is engaged. Customers should be aware of the problems faced by buyers of Smart line cruise controls.

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