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Motorcycle Dealerships selling and installing MCCruise in 2015

Wherever you are in the world, you probably already have your own trusted mechanic, or go to a shop you already know, to get your bike serviced.  Alternatively, you may be capable of servicing your own bike.  That means you may be able to install one of our model-specific cruise controls yourself.  We can send information to you - or your mechanic and as long as the installer can speak English, we can support you, or them, in making your cruise work as it should.  Please contact us to find the way that suits you best.

If you have a bike which does NOT appear on our web site, if you are very mechanically capable and have the time, you may be able to install our new 'Universal' MCCruise (with electric servo and new computer), but only if you can answer all the technical questions we throw at you in this document (a 2Mb file so give it time to download please): ' Universal electric cruise control parts ordering'.  If you are wealthy, you might consider paying a mechanic to install it, but it will take time to do it right and you will have to pay them to answer the questions for you, so we don't recommend it! The Universal MCCruise kit is aimed more at the capable home mechanic where time and labour is not a major deterrent. If your answers to the questions suggest you are not capable of doing it without massive support, we will not sell you a kit.  We simply do not have enough hours in the day and we don't want to put you - or our reputation - at risk.  Sorry.

If you need an installer, here is a list, which is growing daily, of dealers and mechanics who have successfully installed our model-specific product:

United States


The Cyclesmiths- ask for Wendy



K&N Motorcycles - ask for Tyler McDonald


Ride Motorcycles (Competition Accessories)- ask for Tim Nelson in Spares


Nick's BMW - ask for Jim Eng





Readford's MotorCycle Centre - ask for Dave Readford


Freestyle Motorcycles - ask for Paul in sales

MCCruise - manufacturer, dealer & installer - ask for Frank or Tony



Fuhrer Moto - ask for Stefan Fuhrer

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