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MCCruise Feedback

MCCruise General Feedback And Customer Comments



 Aprillia Caponard

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 & Rally-Raid MCCruise controlThe second anniversary, although shorter at 6 months and a tad over 11K miles, is the MCCruise cruise control. After a rushed install (not clever) I knew I had a heavier throttle than pre-installation ….. this was purely down to throttle cable routing and nothing to do with the cruise control itself. It simply didn’t like being re-routed behind the radiator, so I gave up and relocated the CIU (cable interface unit) to a new location by the throttle bodies. Now everything works fine – a light throttle and a happy cruise control. It’s been 100% Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 & Rally-Raid New MCCruise CIU locationreliable and functional. As a demonstration of its finesse I ran the bike in 1st gear at 25mph and let the cruise control take over the (100 horsepower!) throttle – all I can say is WOW! I would never have believed that the system could have the sensitivity to operate the throttle with such precision, but it did – up hill, down dale – never an ounce of jerkiness. Ok I admit no one wants to ride around in 1st gear …. but as an experiment, it proved to me that MCCruise have indeed developed an absolutely fantastic piece of kit.

Honda Valkyrie

...the cruise control we put in the Honda Valkyrie worked flawlessly. Hats off to your customer service. As a custom shop there is no manual or rule book on things we do, so it is very important to have access to resources from the manufacturer to work through obstacles installing products. I was very impressed with how knowledgeable you were about every facet of this cruise control and how quickly you responded to my questions.

You have a great product and we look forward to doing more of these.

Thanks as always,

Ken, Peoria IL, USA (June 2013)




G'day  Frank.

I am usually a bit shit-scared on pulling bits apart and refitting them......BUT.......the instructions with photos were a snack to follow. I was able to get a lot of "GUNK" out of the solenoid internals (two ear-buds full), cleaned up the spigots and O-rings and reassembled. Took her for a spin yesterday...PERFECTO!

Thanks mate, you guys REALLY DO KNOW YOUR PRODUCTS and what your CUSTOMERS REQUIRE. Would I recommend your products and services.....IN A FLASH!

Thankfully Yours,

Pat McLean, FJR1300 Manual Shift, Australia


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