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MCCruise' Experience drives Safety Feature Development

Motorcycle Cruise Controls' Safety Features

  • January/February, 1999 - Elimination of throttle linkage jams - MCCruise' Cable Interface Unit (CIU)developed to enable the company to open its doors and offer safe product. The CIU replaces the conventional automotive beaded chain carburettor/throttle body attachment used in many automotive after-market cruise controls and has had zero jams or safety issues in the twenty years since. If you install it incorrectly, the cruise control will not work.  Once installed correctly, it never jams;
  • 1999 - MCCruise developed a hardware fix to address the known risk of high voltage spikes locking the processor in automotive cruise controls.  This development ensured the rider retained ultimate control even if the processor did lockup and take no notice of further instructions to disengage.
  • 2001-2002 - Development of MCCruise' own MCS400C electronic cruise control module integrating fail-safe protection against high voltage spikes and over-ride backup retaining rider control combined with enhanced software delivering improved performance.
  • 2002 - Present - On-going software development improving safety, diagnostics and performance.
  • 2006 - Development of ATV Speed Limitercapability for Industry and Agriculture enhancing safety.
  • 2012-2013 - Development of MCCruise' MCS850 electric servo replacing the phased-out automotive vacuum actuator aiming to deliver better control, enhanced aesthetics and ease of fitment combined with durability and longevity.
  • 2013 - 2015 - Development of MCCruise MCS8000C computer module: smaller, lighter smarter and faster to facilitate better performance, diagnostics and safety.
  • 2017 - Development of Throttle-By-Wire and CANBUS functionality in an expanded MCS8000TBW/CAN module. Both hardware and software feature unique features enhancing safety and delivering greater rider control.