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Kawasaki Z1000GTR Concours Customers Feedback

Kawasaki Z1000GTR Concours Customer Feedback

It's been over eight weeks since you fitted the cruise controls to the ROADSENSE Kawasaki ZZR1100 and GTR 1000 during which time Duncan and I have travelled about 18,000 kms!

To say that the cruise controls are fantastic would be an understatement as they are very precise and smooth in operation, unobtrusive in installation, easy to use and have enabled us to maintain safe and legal speed limits on countless boring kilometres of freeways when ones tendencies are to 'twist the wrist' or 'speed creep' thus resulting in the inadvertent breaching of the traffic act.

The cruise overcomes this 'freeway phenomenon' more than admirably allowing the rider more time to concentrate on their riding environment thus resulting in a safer ride. In the near future I am looking forward to receipt of a Kawasaki Nomad and the first item I want fitted is... a Motorcycle Set Up Cruise Control!!

Thanks again guys!

John Crockett, Senior Riding Instructor, Roadsense Australia

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