Honda Gold Wing F6B Customer Feedback


Honda Gold Wing F6B Customer Feedback

Frank & Tony,

 Several months back I purchased a cruise control for my 2013 Honda F6B Deluxe.

I do a lot of long distance riding and found not having a cruise control to be very tiring and frustrating.

I wasted time and money on throttle lock type devices only to find them very ineffective.

Was starting to think my only solution was to get a new Honda F6B with factory-installed cruise control. My 2013 is paid off and did not want another payment.

 While reading some post on a F6B forum I saw a post about MCCRUISE. After, some thought I purchased a MCCRUISE from your company.

Not being very tool savvy I got a friend who had the skills and knowledge to help install.

We installed the MCCRIUSE in about 4.5 hours and did a 250-mile trip the next day.

 We found the design to be top notch and the directions excellent.

You have developed a superior product, which many will enjoy.


Thank You,

 Harold Florida, USA 24 December, 2015


Good morning gentlemen, or should I say G’day?

 Just wanted to say thanks for the quick turn around on the order and how impressed I was with the instruction manuals. They were clear and concise and the photos were a great help. I installed the cruise control last weekend and it functions perfectly.  The computer was configured perfectly for my bike and I did not find it necessary to fine tune the settings. The hardest part of the job was removing all the bodywork to access the throttle body. The only deviation I made from your instructions was leaving out the spring washer from the throttle body shaft after installation of the lost motion bellcrank. I did this to engage more of the threads on the shaft with the nut. I substituted medium strength thread lock instead.

This kit sets the standard by which all after market kits of any kind should meet, as I don’t believe they could exceed the quality you are supplying. Once again thanks.

 Best regards, Gene - 3 June, 2015 USA


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that two days ago I successfully installed your MCCruise product for the Honda Gold Wing GL1800 F6B (Bagger) on my own bike, and what a terrific experience it was.

From my first pre-order e-mail request for installation instructions, to the super-fast shipping of the product to my door and the really clear and precisely detailed instructions, I have to tell you I am very impressed with your customer service and the quality of the cruise control product I received.

Since this was my first experience doing an installation of this depth on any bike, it did take me a full 10 hours from start to finish. But your color instructions were really detailed and precise and made it so easy. And the fit and finish of the cruise components was excellent.

When I ran the first post-install diagnostic tests, everything was flawless. And although the first road test was less than optimal (because of long leather tassels installed on the brake lever), the second road test was perfect. The product absolutely performs as I hoped it would. For the past few days and few hundred miles I feel like I’m riding a new bike… a definite pleasure.

Thank you for making this a positive experience. It often seems hard to find both quality product and exceptional customer service at the same time. I’m happy to say I’m pleased to have found both with MCCruise.

I look forward to many thousands of miles of riding with your cruise product on my bike.


David, Glendale, AZ USA


Just wanted to let you know I just did an install on a Honda F6B and your system is very nice!

Instructions were great, the system is well thought out, and appeared to be of very high quality.

I installed a Rostra on my personal bike because you had not come out with a kit for the F6 when I did mine, Had yours been available I would have gone that way.

I did the Rostra for about $400, your kit is $1000, and the extra cost is absolutely worth it!  Electrical was plug and play, everything fit as it should.  Zero install issues!

I highly recommend the kit!

The only suggestion I would make would be to only raise the gas tank to access the two drain hoses on the bottom of the air box rather than remove it and a simpler picture of the cable routing via a drawing or simple black and white illustration might make the cable location a little clearer. [MCCruise is responding to these suggestions]

Overall well designed and very nice.  A pleasure to work on!


Regards  Jim - Arden, NC, USA 20 September, 2014



I went for a 50 mile test ride today, I tested the CC at low, med, and high speed, up hills and down hills, and a bit of freeway. Here are the issues I found with the unit….. NOTHING!!. This thing is great, works so smoothly I can’t even tell when it takes over the throttle. Using a GPS for reference it held 55 mph +/- .2 mph, and I think that was due to some intermittent head wind. I was very careful with the install and took my time, guess it paid off. I went thru a tunnel to check the back lighting and it looks great also. So, other than the steep price (you get what you pay for) this is a perfect unit. You might want to make a note in your instructions about possibly having to push the white e connector bracket down to allow the bottom of the computer to be bent towards the front of the bike to allow easy replacement of the left side glove box. For the most part I found the instructions clear and detailed, although it helped that I was familiar with taking the skins off the bike. This is a well designed and thought out product. I went by the local Honda dealer and my service manager showed great interest in the product, so I pointed him to your website for more information.

Cheers...  Jesse - Roseville, CA, USA 19 September, 2014


Just wondering if you're planning a kit for the KTM 1190s? (McCruise reply: sorry - because the KTM 1190 Adventure is full fly-by-wire from the throttle grip, we can't do it -YET!  We have done last year's 650 Enduro however, so we are learning.)

 I just installed a kit onto a Honda F6B and was impressed - I'm sure I'd be able to sell a kit for the 1190. After all, our customers tell us it's a sticking point between the 1190s and the BMWs. 

Thanks in advance for your reply...

Coeur D' Alene Powersports, Coeur D'Alene, ID

18 August 2014

Hi Tony,

I got the unit installed. It is working perfectly. It took me 2 days as I have never taken my F6B apart, so there was a bit of learning curve for me.

The instructions you provided are the best I have ever received with an after market accessory for a motorcycle! All the components are top quality.

I am very happy with my purchase. I look forward to logging many miles with my new McCruise. Thanks for making such a quality product.

Terry, Valencia, Ca, USA


17 March, 2014

Mr Guymer,

I just completed installation of your kit on Robert's Honda F6B.

It was a pleasure to install your product. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand for this 25 year Honda Tech.

I did this as a side job on my lift at home. My customer is extremely analytical and fussy, which is why I like him as a personal customer.  I'm sure you will get a referral or two from us.

Thank you for providing a first rate product.

Regards Kevin, Lancaster PA USA


18 March, 2014


I took my first ride with your cruise on my 2013 F6B and to say I am impressed would be an understatement. After having Wing factory cruise on a few previous Wings I believe yours works as well, if not better, than the factory units. Smooth, precise and with the built-in safety features, it is by far the best modification I have had done.

Your assistance in completing the transaction and extremely fast shipping and constant communication were appreciated.

Thank you again,

Bob, Mohnton PA USA

P.S. Feel free to mail me business cards if you'd like...The F6B's get attention wherever they go and I can assure you every F6B owner (and any other make bike owner) that I talk to, will be hearing about your products.


28 April, 2014

Hi Frank and Tony,

I would like to say what a delight the bike (Honda F6B) is to ride with the electronic cruise control.

After riding down Bell St. on to the Tullamarine  Freeway, then onto the Calder, it started to rain. It rained through to Kyneton. There was a strong, gusty SW wind and pools of water on the road. The cruise was set at 110kph flowing with the traffic and the bike didn’t miss a beat. Even with the resistance of the wind and the water on the road the cruise speed did not fluctuate or disengage. From Bendigo back to Hillston the next day was a very pleasant day for riding, set the cruise and the bitumen disappeared in the mirrors. I was  very happy with the way the cruise disengaged when the brakes were gently touched.


Ken, Hillston, New South Wales, Australia


4 May, 2014

Hi Tony,

As I sit here in Ceduna I thought it was time sent you some of my thoughts on the Cruise Control for my F6B.

I took my time to fit it, in all it was over 3 days with about 6 hours each day.

The instructions where very detailed and I was able to follow them with ease. These where the best instructions I have ever received with any equipment I have purchased.

The cruise control was easy to set by again following well written instructions.  The best.

Operation is is good and the cruise control works flawlessly in all weather conditions, the response to pressing the control buttons is also very good and immediate. The resume, speed up and slow down are very responsive with no speed up or slow downs where it's not wanted.

This cruise control is just the best investment ever for this bike.

Thank you and your team for producing such a great product. WELL DONE.

Regards and all the best for the future.

Robert,  Ceduna, South Australia.


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