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MCCruise Competitors' Service and Support Policies

‘At Rostra, we love seeing the inventive ways in which our customers apply products that we manufacture to a variety (of) applications. But, while a number of online forums exist that detail the multitude of installation options for our products on non-passenger vehicle modes of transportation, due to safety concerns surrounding these installations, we do not actively support these applications. Our technical support is provided through extensive real-world testing that at this time does not include working with said vehicles.’ This translates as ‘Happy to take your money, but forget it if you need support or it goes wrong on your bike …Rostra is not responsible.

Murph’s Kits: What It Is, and What It Ain’t

This is a universal cruise control for internal combustion engines. It is capable of receiving inputs from various sources for speed monitoring and uses engine vacuum to operate a servo that is attached to the vehicle throttle control. It is an extremely simple and reliable device for the job it performs.  It was never marketed nor endorsed as a motorcycle cruise control.  It is not a simple plug and play installation for motorcycles. If you choose to use this product for this application, do so with the knowledge and understanding that you are accepting 100% of the responsibility for your decisions and actions.’   …. what more can we say!

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