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Cruise Control for Yamaha XTZ690 Tenere 700 servo

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Fuel Tank: Standard Fuel Tank

Switch Option: New Slim MCCruise Switch

Terminal Extractor Tools: No Terminal Extractor

Sku: MCS6830_GT-1014_SW

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The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for the XTZ690 Tenere 700. We have now released revised kits for bikes fitted with the Acerbis 23 Litre fuel tank and another version for the Safari 25 Litre fuel tank.  NOTE: - The Acerbis and Safari fuel tank options will fit with the standard fuel tank, so if you anticipate fitting one of these fuel tanks later on, you can order the option now and it will work with the standard fuel tank.

We also have a different cruise control available for the XTZ690SP World Raid.

In order to fit the cruise control a set of terminal extractor tools is required. These are optional, but will be needed to install the cruise control. More detail about these tools is provided in the brochure.

The motorcycle cruise installation instructions and specific cruise manuals and supporting documents can be found here.

Cruise control switch - there are two options to choose from (see photos):

    • New Slim MCCruise switch: Our new fully-featured and weatherproof switch which is a no cost option, and is fitted between the bike's switch block and the clutch lever mount. It has backlit buttons for night use, power (ON-OFF) indicator light and engage indicator light. The switch is 10mm (3/8") wide, so it may be necessary to slide the clutch lever assembly across to make space to mount the switch on the handlebar. Contact us for installation instructions if you wish to see how it is fitted.
    • MCCruise switch: Our proven, fully-featured and weatherproof switch which comes standard with all of our products. Backlit buttons for night use, power (ON-OFF) indicator light and engage indicator light. This is mounted above the handlebar.

    Fuel tank options, Standard, Acerbis & Safari.

    • We have released a modified cruise control kit to allow the cruise to be fitted on bikes fitted with the Acerbis 23 Litre/6.1US Gallons long range fuel tank. The only change in the cruise control kit is how the throttle servo is mounted and the hardware required to mount it, the rest of the cruise kit is the same as the standard cruise control kit.

    • We have also released a modified cruise control kit for the Safari 25 Litre long range fuel tank. This will only change the mounting of the cruise control throttle servo and servo cable length.


    In order to fit this cruise control kit, small terminals have to be backed out of connector housings. This requires suitable terminal extractor tools. See the product brochure

    • Download the Brochure now:
      Click here for the vehicle brochure
      The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.
    • Download the Parts List now:
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