Yamaha XV1900 Roadliner (Stratoliner) Customers Feedback

Yamaha XV1900 Roadliner (Stratoliner) Customer Feedback

Hi Frank &Tony,

 Firstly let me say that I am not in the habit of sending testimonials in fact, this is the first I have ever written. Taking into consideration that I am over 60 years of age and I have had quite a bit of experience in dealing with businesses of all kinds over the years. In all that time I have never been motivated to express my satisfaction in writing. 

When I first started to research cruse controls for my bike I was surprised to find an American site recommending a company (as they put it) based down under in Australia. 

This company was obviously MCCRUISE.

I then made a phone call to MCCRUISE and I was to say the least pleasantly surprised with the friendly and helpful assistance I received over the phone. At the conclusion of the phone call you asked if I would like for you to send me the information on the cruise control including the fitting instructions, and this you did promptly.

It was some months later before I contacted you again and stated that I was wished to purchase the cruise control for my bike. 

The cruise control kit was dispatched promptly and arrived as promised.

A friend and I (whom is a motorbike technician) unpacked the kit and found it to be complete. (This might not seem like a big deal to you however, I cannot tell you how many times I have received a do it yourself kit only to find some of it missing.) 

We then proceeded to fit the cruise control and found the fitting instructions where to say the least extremely detailed and accurate. 

It did however take us a bit longer to fit it then you suggested it should. (Maybe too much time talking and not working!!)

On completion of the installation we had some difficulties getting it to work.  I then rang MCCRUISE and spoke with Frank who, with patience and an exceptional depth of knowledge of his product talked us through the issues we were having.

I now use the cruise control regularly when riding and find it exceeds my expectations both in quality and performance.

All in all the experience I have had in dealing with MCCRUISE has been professional, helpful, and efficient and has been a pleasure to deal with.

I would go on to wish you good luck in the future however, it is obvious that this company has not left anything up to lady luck.    

Your more than happy customer,

Errol MN, USA 30 September 2015


For all your Folks, 

 I received my cruise control last week and installed it in 3 hours. I am thoroughly impressed by your product. I believe I will be impressed for years to come. I rode with the system on throughout the weekend in non-hill ridden Florida and it performed as advertised. I tested all functions and the only function that had me worried was the clutch pull-in disengaging the cruise control but I played with the function and found that it works but takes a lot longer then using the brake signal cruise control disengagement function. You are to be commended for your product but I am sure I am not the only one to say this. 

Henry, 30 June, 2015 Florida, USA


Hi Tony,

Just an update to our phone conversation last Friday about the Cruise Control for my Yamaha XV1900A. I followed your instructions and was able to remove the cables from the plug and re route the cables to the Actuator correctly (I did not want to force these wires before). Installation is complete although we had some trouble in the diagnostics section and the Clutch feed back. (long story short - we had the bike in neutral) and after trying everything I gave up. Read the instructions again at home and discovered I should have had the bike in gear and engine off. BINGO - set up complete.

Road tested it today with a 60 Km ride up and down the Freeway and it worked Brilliantly. No more pins and needles. Just like to say that your product is very, very well made, instructions are put together with a lot of detail and if read properly, installation is quite simple.

I saved about $600-$800 in installation costs. And a thank you for your follow up email last week which prompted me to have another go at that plug.

Kind Regards,

Neil, Perth, Western Australia (June 2013)

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