Mccruise safety

Our first - and last priority is SAFETY!

The safety of our customers is paramount.  That is why we continue to expend energy and resources on ensuring our MCCruise kits are the safest possible - in hardware and software.

But the safety of our dealers is equally important - so we do everything possible to protect you. When we started our business we had global Product Liability Insurance.  After 9/11, we couldn't get it again.  Nothing changed in our business - only perception of risk in the insurance industry changed.

As a consequence, we designed and built the safest product possible - so we could sleep at night! Now, fifteen years later, with NO safety issues in the intervening period and product sold all over the world, we have now secured global Product Liability Insurance again.  You can see our Certificate of Currency here.

You can sell our products with ZERO risk to your company.  No upfront expenditure: take a deposit, order a kit, pay for it on credit card and receive and install a custom-built kit usually before your credit card bill falls due.....

Installation is straightforward - sure it takes time, but with a 30 point margin on the kit and 3-8 hours labour in your shop, MCCruise can help your bottom line significantly.

Instructions are second to none and support is only an email away if you need it.  We can call your service technician and train him easily.  Our software means if he/she can get it installed, we can run through diagnostics on the phone in about 5 minutes and make sure everything is right - before the bike is even ridden!

See the YouTube videos on our home page if you have doubts.  This is not rocket science, but MCCruise is a technically advanced package that can help both you and your customers.

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