Honda VTX1800 Customers Feedback

Honda VTX1800 Customer Feedback

After searching endlessly for a way to make long trips a bit more enjoyable, I found the MCC website. I contacted them via e-mail, and was promptly given all the information I needed, as well as some investigation needed on my part so that the custom built cruise control could be manufactured. I was in a bit of a rush, this was a last minute decision to purchase prior to a long (my first ever) multiple day overnight trip by motorcycle.

The guys were great, and very prompt. The cruise control was manufactured in just a couple days and shipped promptly half way around the world.

The contents of the package were complete, the directions were very detailed, but easy to follow, step by step with great photographs… the installation took about 6 hours, start to finish. I performed the tests and made some minor tweaks to the default settings, which were all very easy and explained completely in detail.

Then I took the bike out for a test ride, and made a few more tweaks to some settings for my own comfort.

The results: Two years and countless rides, including 3 very long multiple day rides. Once I get on the highway, I set it, and forget about monitoring the speed of my bike.

The cruise control has given me flawless performance, and the guys at MCC were very prompt in responses when I was purchasing it, and they were prompt in responses when I had some questions after the installation.

I would highly recommend this cruise control. It is safe and it eliminates throttle hand fatigue on long rides. Thanks for a great product. Looking forward to my two long trips this summer, including one to Canada in July. Thanks for a great product.

Alan - 26 April, 2015 Roebling NJ



I would like to let you know about your cruise control. The installation was so flawlessly easy with the detailed instructions supplied, from install to setup and testing. I just returned from a 7500 km trip in 12 days and the cruise was so easy to use and worked flawlessly it would hold my speed within a mph or two no matter what if I was going up or down a 6 degree slope. I was so fatigue free from being able to move both arms around and still able to hold a constant speed. Once again Tony thank you for a truly motorcycle cruise control that is well worth the investment, keep up the good work.

 Sincerely,        Wes  Winnipeg, Canada 16 August, 2014


Tony, Frank,

After cleaning all 3 of the solenoids, then putting it all back together, all was well and worked just like it was installed! Thank you very much for all the information you provided, it was a life saver! You folks are truly a class A business, and your help is second to none Actually I think it was starting to stick last year as it was kinda losing on the hills and would not maintain a constant speed within 1 MPH up & down like it used to do. Again, thank you very very much! Jacky

Initial problem: All these years and no problems with my MC CRUISE on my 2003 Honda VTX 1800C. This bike has only been ridden in the rain 1 time for approx 2 hours. It is faithfully stored in a heated garage during the winter with a cover on to keep the dust off. I has never sat out overnight except on a couple of occasions, then with a cover over it as well. This year when I went for my 1st ride after sitting for 6 months, the cc did not work. I cleaned the front brake lever switch connections & all was well. Today, approx 30 days later, I took off and it did not work again. The cruise switch lights as it is supposed to with the green led light. While riding & up to speed, I hit the set button & the tiny led green light goes to orange/red and cc still does not work. Any clue as what I need to look for or any suggestions?

Thank you very much.

Jacky H Westerville, OH USA (Aug 2013)


Frank & Tony;

The first ride with the MCC went off perfect! I can't begin tell you folks enough just how pleased I am with the set up. The Cruise Control works better than any luxury car I have ridden in! The speed variation, up hill or down, was absolutely none!!!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the speedo. It maintained the exact speed for which it was set for my 2003 VTX 1800 C. Your install instructions & photographs are superb!

Before the install, I couldn't ride more than 20 miles without my throttle hand starting to go numb. Yesterday, I rode nearly 100 miles without any stops and my hand never experienced even a tingling.

I commend you folks for a great product at a reasonable price. I can now enjoy more frequent & longer rides with the MCC. Please feel free to use me for a reference with anyone thinking about purchasing a MCC for their bike.

Best Regards,

Jacky Westerville, Ohio, USA



Received Item on Friday. Amazing response time on your part. I can't even get something from another state that fast. I installed the item on Saturday. Instructions were very good. The Cruise works perfect, much better than anticipated. Even better than factory installs on some cars I have had.

Your company should be applauded for its remarkable product and outstanding service.

Thanks again,

Palmer, Arizona


Hi Guys,

I just got back off my vacation. Luckily I got the resistor kit for the LED brake lights in on Thursday (thanks for the speedy ship) and got it installed, did the diagnostics and test drive that evening. Loaded the bikes up and departed on Saturday morning for Pigeon Forge, TN. We run Interstate 40 to Knoxville, TN then US 441 to Pigeon Forge.

We rode the Great Smokey Mountains Parkway, Tail of The Dragon and the Cherohala Skyway, then took Tennessee State Road 52 back across the top of Tennessee and then other two lane roads back to North Little Rock, AR. Total miles travelled 1900.07 Total days travelled 7 ( 0730 a.m. Saturday morning - 0900 p.m. Friday evening).

The cruise performed flawlessly and to my expectations both at interstate speeds and on the back country roads. I enjoy being able to set the cruise at the speed limit and enjoy the scenery without worrying about a speeding ticket. I think this is also a safety point since my eyes are on the road and not the speedometer. The speed limit on the Great Smokey Mountain Parkway is 45 Miles Per Hour. All the curves up through there are easily taken at that speed on a motorcycle, so I just set the cruise at 45 and enjoyed The Waltz.

Thanks for making this great product available to those of us that enjoy a comfortable ride.

Danny, Arkansas (Sep 2010)

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