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Honda CBR1100XX Customers Feedback

Honda CBR1100XX Customer Feedback


Just arrived in California and covered 4,000 miles riding through Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada. Rode deserts, mountains, interstates, byways, rain and shine. The systems worked amazingly. Changes my thoughts on buying another bike without cruise.

I can just purchase ya'll system. Thanks for the great assistance and product.

Calen 28 July, 2015 USA


Hey there guys,

Just felt compelled to drop you a line to praise you all for an absolutely top notch product. After having it fitted to my CBR1100XX, (which I was told was a breeze) I took the bike for a run on the weekend fully loaded with panniers, top box and of course my wife.

Now to say the unit operates as smooth as a babies bum is nothing short of an understatement, I am totally wrapped, this gear is the "Ducks Nuts" and easily the best decision I've ever made regarding the bike. Even on a bike with the sheer power that the BlackBird possesses this unit is put simply the icing on the cake.

With this baby on board you really do own the road with comfort, ease of use and lack of throttle hand fatigue.

Thank guys, hope to see you on the road sometime.


Arthur, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia