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ONLY 16 Vacuum Actuator kits left!

If you want a model-specific electronic MCCruise for your bike, you may need to buy quickly as our model range will be severely depleted shortly.  The source of our tried and true vacuum actuator (used since 1997) has finally dried up, so if you have been hanging out for an MCCruise you need to move quickly.  While we will do our best to upgrade the over 150 model-specific kits to our new electric servo, lack of access to many bikes will make that impossible.  Since the bodies of the servo's rarely have issues, we will be stocking solenoid packs to support failures in the future and even those are rarely needed as a quick service usually gets them going again if they get stuck over winter hibernation.

MCCruise' thoughts on throttle-by-wire:

'Just a bit of background for everyone on throttle-by-wire cruise control - and cruise controls generally.  Frank and I at MCCruise are unapologetically conservative in our approach to this technology.  The reasons are simple – even a cursory search for 'sudden unintended acceleration' on Google produces some startling results.  (Please note the VERY important reference in the second item: '... But sudden unintended acceleration does happen. ... In every car, the brakes are more powerful than the engine, so ...'  - this is NOT true of motorcycles where the engines are typically much more powerful than the brakes!)

MCCruise cannot afford such events occurring on motorcycles – people will die – it is as simple as that. Consequently, we have made modifications and conducted exhaustive tests to ensure our modified kits will not behave in that way.  That said, with throttle-by-wire, we are totally in the hands of the manufacturers' over-riding safety and limp-home systems kicking in appropriately when we hand back control. It is an area we have thought long and hard about before entering this market at all.

I think riders deserve to know the facts: corrosion, water ingress and electrical noise are serious potential threats on motorcycles and we do not take them lightly.  Did you know that the terminals on the throttle position sensor on the FJ-09 are gold plated? There is a reason for that and we at MCCruise have gone to extraordinary lengths to source those terminals to ensure corrosion does not interfere with the operation of either the MCCruise – or the bike.

 All this effort takes time and costs money. Sure the cheaper product looks attractive – no one wants to waste money, but I ask you to seriously consider the options and your own motorcycle insurance cover, when determining your purchase. Once we have our new switch made, we will have a better idea of just what it costs to bring our 'throttle-by-wire' product to market – and how much effort and cost it has taken in R&D.  In the meantime, you can enjoy the safest, best performing, after-market electronic cruise control on the market using our wide range of traditional products..  We pride ourselves on our safety record, our reliability and our performance.  We will not, and cannot, compromise that - just to compete with a low priced product.'

You might like to share your experiences by writing to us here at - as many of you have done already. Thanks for your comments!

Review: MCCruise on a Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback (2012) in the September issue of

Youtube Customer Support Videos:

Driving innovation: See the 'cycletorque' article on page 28 of the emagazine

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Motorcycle Cruise Control for long-distance touring, commuting & recreation

Our cruise control works exactly the same as a car - except that we designed and built it specifically for motorcycles.

Your safety is paramount in its design and performance - proven over the last 15 years on the road.

Reliability is fundamental in the cruise controls production: kits fitted in 1997 are still working today.

Built-in diagnostic functions make it easy for us to diagnose problems and often fix them over the phone anywhere in the world.

Our service and support - if needed - is second to none!

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