Crop Research using ATVs

Third party confirms QuadCruise delivers extraordinary performance.

Private research organisations and Universities in the USA are beginning to publish information relating to QuadCruise' performance. In order to protect individuals and companies from a flood of direct enquires, please ask us for further information- click here!

Here are one such customer's recent comments:

Email on 18 May 2007

Tony, I sent this email to a guy that showed some interest in the unit when I gave my New Equipment Technology speech back in Atlanta this spring. Since then, we have put out several test plots and can't find a single fault with the unit. It has worked perfectly every single time and now that the bike is broke in, it is working even better. I do want to pursue a more accurate digital speedometer for the unit, but other than that, I am very happy. I would also be interested in pursing a computer that would adjust the speed in 0.01 or 0.05 mph increments and would be really cool if it was a user adjustable feature. Anyways, I promised you some data on pass to pass consistency and I forgot to forward this to you when I did it. Sorry it took so long. Let me know if that speedo unit will work for us. Thanks, Chad

Email from: Chad Thursday, March 15, 2007 12:49 PM To: 'LOGAN, ' Subject: ATV cruise control - Well, we purchased a 2007 Honda 500FPE with power steering and installed the cruise control on it. I custom ordered my cruise control so the increment buttons advance the speed 0.1 mph instead of the factory standard 0.3 mph. I have attached an excel spreadsheet with some speed runs that I did last night over a 100' course (most of our plots are 100' in length). Using a hand held Garmin GPS unit accurate to about +/- 10', I was getting speed readings that would vary 0.1 mph on either side of the target speed. I will have to say that it would've been difficult to detect the speed changes had I not had the GPS unit. These were done on the edge of a County road next to our shop, so terrain conditions couldn't get any better. I did take the bike into a fairly rough field, and that is where the unit shines. I can almost operate the throttle as well manually as the cruise control on flat level ground, but when conditions get less than perfect, the cruise control works far better (than a human).

It took me about 5 hours to install it, but I also spent some time worrying about some cable routing issues that didn't end up being a problem. We haven't sprayed a test plot with it yet, but plan to around the middle of April. I also think, that with some minor jetting changes to the carburetor, I can improve the pass to pass consistency. I also noticed that it performed better at the 1/4 to 1/2 throttle range than below or above that. I am sure that we'll get plenty of experience with it this summer, but so far, I'd highly recommend the unit to any researcher or commercial farmer. I have a feeling there will be some arguing over who gets the new bike when it comes time to spray plots this summer! Hope all is well and let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely, Chad, (A Private) Agricultural Laboratory

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