ATV Speed Limiter FAQ

QuadCruise on RTV-X - possible change to Kubota vehicles

It is possible that Kubota has implemented a change to the RTV-X range in which power is cut to the brake circuit when the starter motor is activated. If the change experienced yesterday is now common, when in diagnostic mode setting up and testing the cable freeplay, when you start the Kubota to test the freeplay, the cruise control drops OUT OF DIAGNOSTIC MODE.   You can get around this problem by turning the key off; press and HOLD the SET and ON/OFF buttons and keep them depressed until after you turn the key on AND start the engine and count to TWO before releasing the buttons.  Check you are in diagnostic mode by depressing the brake pedal - the LED on the switch should turn green.  Then proceed as per the cable freeplay setup as per the 'Throttle Servo Final Cable Adjustment' (page 40 of the RTV-X900 &1120 manual).

RTV-X speed limiter settings

Our current default settings for the RTV-X speed limiter are as follows for software V5.125.  Switch indicator shows selections, computer LED’s show what step in the sequence you are in – the mode number.

 Limiter setup.
  • Press and HOLD SET while turning ignition on and wait for light to come on.
 Mode 1 Speed limiter enable/disable
    • Enter mode 1, should have green for enabled.
 Press and hold ON/OFF to move to
    Mode 2 soft/hard cut
      • Press RES for hard cut (red light).
     Press and hold ON/OFF to move to
      Mode 4 (mode 3 will be bypassed I think on this version)
        • Press SET/RES to select 3 yellow flashes.

       Turn ignition off. 

      Penalty mode setup

      • Press and HOLD RES while turning ignition on and wait for light to come on.
       Mode 1 Penalty enable/disable.
      • Press SET to enable (green light)
       Press and hold ON/OFF to move to
      Mode 2 penalty speed reduction.
      • Press SET/RES to select 6 yellow flashes if possible, your software version may only go to 5 which is 50% speed reduction, 6=100% speed reduction.
       Press and hold ON/OFF to move to


      Mode 3 Penalty hold time

      • Press SET/RES to select 1 yellow flash (5 seconds) or a higher number if you want longer penalty time.
       Turn ignition off
      If the limiter does not or cannot be set up correctly, you can send the computer back to us for re-programming with current software.
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