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Cruise Control for Harley-Davidson CANBUS DYNA (2012-2016) servo

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Select your Switch Option: SHORT Switch Harness in handlebars (1" minimum)

Engine Crash Bars: Crash bars fitted


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The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is specifically designed for this vehicle, depending on the year of manufacture.

The cruise control connects to the bike's throttle using the cruise control fittings that are part of the throttle body. These fittings are there for use on other HD models that have factory cruise control. Our cruise control uses these fitting on the throttle body. If your bike has been modified check that these fittings are still there. See the brochure in the link below for details and a photo of the fitting on the throttle body.

The motorcycle cruise installation instructions and specific cruise manuals and supporting documents can be found here.

Our MCCruise Dyna kits fit all 2012-2016 Dynas including:


Images and PDFs supplied relate to our after-market MCCruise kit for the Harley-Davidson Street Bob, but looks, fitting and price are the same for all post-2012 Dyna models fitted with CAN-BUS wiring. See the notes below to determine if your bike is CAN-BUS equipped or not.

    Download the Brochure now:
    Click here for the vehicle brochure
    The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.

    Download the Parts List now:

    Click here for more information on this Motorcycle Cruise Control

    The following information is required to assist us in delivering the perfect kit for your bike:

    There are FOUR key differences between Harley-Davidson motorcycles which are important from the cruise control perspective:

      1. We need to know which factory wiring harness the bike has and this is defined by whether the bike is PRE-CANBUS or has CANBUS installed? See the photos above to assist with identifying the rear brake light switch.
        • The wires to the foot brake switch pre-2010 to 2012 (the change took place on different bikes at different times) NO CANBUS wiring harnesses are orange/white trace and red/yellow trace (EARLY type NO CANBUS & NO BODY CONTROL MODULE).
        • The wires to the foot brake switch on later bikes with CANBUS wiring harnesses are black and blue/green trace (LATER type HAS CANBUS & A BODY CONTROL MODULE)
        • Please make sure you buy the correct kit!
      2. If your bike model year is around 2010 to 2012 check what type of ECM (Engine Control Module) your bike.  There are two types, and usually the pre-CANBUS have one type and CANBUS models another, but we recently found an exceptions where a CANBUS model still had the older ECM.  The ECM is mounted on the left side of the bike, under the side cover.  Compare yours to the photos above.  The Pre-CANBUS has a single large grey connector.  The CANBUS models usually have two smaller black and grey connectors.  If your bike has the Pre-CANBUS ECM tell us and we will supply the appropriate parts.

      3. We need to know the switch wire length required. This 'HD Control Switch Wire Length' document provides all the information needed for you to tell us what we need to know about the length of cruise control switch wires to supply in the kit for your bike. We also need to know whether the switch wires will be run INSIDE the handlebars (1" bars or bigger, only);

      4. Please indicate in the drop-down menu above the cart button whether your bike has engine bars? You can see this becomes important because the cruise computer mounts on that engine mounting bolt here: SOFTAIL Brochure and here: DYNA Brochure and in the Heavy Duty article where they had some problems installing the computer - here: MCCruise review in Heavy Duty Magazine

      5. Please specify the year and model of your bike when ordering - in the comments section of the Cart.

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      Harley Davidson Dyna

      Good day Australia !!! Just a quick update on the cruise control on my wife's Dyna. We finally got a nice day for her first test ride with your cruise control on her bike and it works flawlessly for her. She is very happy with the performance - as was I when I tested it. I want to again thank you both for your support. I wouldn't be surprised if you receive more orders in the future from the Wichita area. Dwight - 10 March 2018 Kansas, USA