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Cruise Control for Indian Scout TBW

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Computer Mount Option: Frame Mount - No Crash Bars

Switch Option: Mirror Mount Switch

Diagnostic Dongle Patch Connection: No Dongle Fitted

Sku: MCS7120TBW-Frame-MCS820MirrorHI

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NOTE: - This cruise control kit is designed to fit the Indian Scout and Scout 60.  We now have confirmation that it will also fit the Scout Rogue, the only difference in the installation is the installer has to remove the fairing to get access to the headlight shell.  Fairing removal for the Rogue is not covered in our installation instructions.

This kit will also fit a standard Scout Bobber, but we have a dedicated kit for the Scout Bobber that is a bit easier to install.

The bike we used to prototype the cruise is a 2014 model, however we have also fitted a cruise to a 2019 Scout Bobber, and it is functionally the same, so to our knowledge this will fit all model years and versions of the Scout up to and including 2023 models. On 2022 models, we have seen a couple of bikes with an extension harness on the diagnostic plug.  This extension harness is fitted with the new Euro5 diagnostic plug (small red plug), but the original plug is still on the bike.  At this time we don't know if this is standard issue or a dealer fit or part of an accessory fitment.

The bike's diagnostic plug is located under the seat, behind the battery. Check the photos and compare to your bike to ensure that your bike has the same plug as that shown in the photos.  Later models may have the small red connector and wires running to the original plug.  As long as the original plug is there the cruise will fit and work in either case.

The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is adapted specifically for this vehicle, with a custom made and fully plug and play wiring harness, using genuine connectors and terminals as used by the manufacturer. There is no wire splicing or any other permanent changes made to your bike.

The motorcycle cruise installation instructions and specific cruise manuals and supporting documents can be found here.

    Cruise control computer mounting location.

    The cruise control computer is mounted in a special bracket low on the frame on the left side of the engine using the threaded mounting hole for engine crash bars. There are two brackets available, one for bikes without crash bars, and another for bikes fitted with crash bars. Please read the brochure for more details and photos.

    We have had a couple of customers asking about mounting the computer on the frame, under the fuel tank in front of the air filter housing. With the standard air filter, there is not enough space to fit the cruise computer, however some have fitted an aftermarket air filter, and they say that this creates more space and the computer will fit there. We have NOT seen these filters, and we have NOT fitted a cruise computer in this location. The wiring harness provided with the cruise control is long enough mount the computer in front of the air filter housing, under the fuel tank if desired. We do not know if it would be long enough to mount the computer behind the air filter. We do not know if the computer really will fit in this location, how the computer can be mounted in this location or if this location may cause reliability issues with the cruise computer due to higher temperatures, although we don't expect temperature to be an issue in this location.

      Cruise control switch - there are four options to choose from (see the photos):

      1. Our new standard MCCruise switch mounted on the mirror mounting post. This mounting can use the mirror if it is fitted. A suitable bolt and washer are provided in the kit to mount the switch if your bike has bar end mirrors fitted.

      2. Our new standard MCCruise switch mounted above the handlebar. This is similar to the mirror mount above, but the switch is lower.

      3. Our new standard MCCruise switch mounted below the handlebar.

      4. New Slim MCCruise switch mounted below the handlebar. The mounting method is the same as used on the 2nd option above, but the Slim switch is used instead of our original control switch. Please read the brochure (link below) for details about programming changes in the computer for this control switch which change which buttons are used for SET and RESume.

      Cruise Control Switch Wire Length.

      Our cruise control switches come with two different switch wire lengths. Normally for this bike the switch provided has the shorter length switch wire, roughly 90cm (35") long from the back of the switch to connecting plug. The switch wire may not be long enough if the bike is fitted with Hi-Rise handlebars. See the brochure for more details about this, including how to measure the wire length needed and how to order a longer switch wire if you need it.

      CAN-BUS Diagnostic Dongle Patch Harness

      The cruise control connects to the bike's diagnostic connector. In most cases this connector is fitted with a blanking plug, but some other accessories may also connects to the diagnostic plug. If this is the case, a patch harness must be fitted to allow the cruise control AND the other accessory to be connected at the same time. See the last page of the brochure (there is a link below) for more details.

        Download the Brochure now:

        Click here for the vehicle brochure
        The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.

        Download the Parts List now:
        Click here for more information on this Motorcycle Cruise Control

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        Shawn Niles
        Works as advertised

        Got this for my wife's 2023 Scout. The installation instructions were flawless. They explained every thing per every step with pictures. I was quite impressed. Followed every step as described and had no issues at all. Highly recommended.

        Ellwyn Lee Campbell
        MCCruise - better than expected

        To whom it may concern,

        I just can't tell you how satisfied I am with the McCruise Control on my 2016 Indian Scout. I was hesitant to order one because I couldn't imagine an aftermarket cruise functioning as well as OEM. I was wrong. Your cruise is extremely well engineered and functions as well as any cruise I have ever experienced.

        Thank you for a product that was reasonably easy to install and functioned first time because of your excellent instructions.

        A well satisfied customer,
        Ellwyn Lee
        USA Arizona resident

        As good as it gets

        I ordered this Indian Scout kit for my Victory Octane. I was pretty sure it would work but I couldn't find anybody who had installed it on their octane. After a few emails with MC Cruise that were promptly answered I decided to give it a try. It shipped and arrived from Australia in only a few days, I expected it to take weeks. The instructions were clear and well written with pictures. Although the pictures were for an Indian scout and I was installing it on an victory Octane it was easy to follow. I installed the brain with Velcro inside the port for the factory air intake. The wire length was just right with the brain in the intake port. I have 12 inch bars which are 4 inches taller than stock and I had enough wire length for the remote. I had to de-pin and re-pin some connectors all the wire colors were the same for the Octane as they are for the Scout. The instructions were clear for the calibration portion of the install. It took me about 2 hours from start to finish to install the cruise control. It was a lot easier than I anticipated.

        The MC Cruise is a great value, a good throttle lock is over $100 USD and they dont work nearly as well as this does. If this was a factory upgrade option it would cost more than this does. It also saves me from wanting to buy a newer bike with cruise control. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and with the customer service I received. I highly recommend this for an Indian Scout or Victoy Octane.

        Luke Decker
        Total freedom!!!

        I have a Scout with mini ape handlebars and heated grips, so if you have those in your bike, know the cruise will work fine with it. I had a throttle lock before I got the cruise and it worked pretty well, but it was kind of a pain to install correctly and I had to take it off and on for various things so that was annoying. There’s so many hills around here it would slow down and speed up all the time and that’s annoying too. So when I saw there’s an actual cruise control, I jumped on it. I don’t know why people still put up with bikes without cruise. Riding a motorcycle is about freedom, so why have your right hand “bound” to the throttle? Sometimes I forget to latch my saddle bags so I like having that hand free to just reach back and close it quick.
        When it’s windy I can crouch down sport bike style and not have to worry about checking my speed because it’s set already. It’s so freeing to be able to watch surroundings more and not have to check the speedometer because you don’t want to get pulled over. It is solid at that speed too, it doesn’t budge, I don’t know how it does it so well, it’s better than the cruise on my Buick!!! It makes the ride so much more comfortable, for real, I love it.

        Tom Goss
        MCCruise on an Indian Scout

        I received the kit yesterday, installed it last night, and couldn’t be more happy with it. Thanks again for everything. Your product and service are top notch. I will be advertising for you.