The CRITICAL importance of setting the cable freeplay right on your MCCruise or QuadCruise!

Written by Amrish Patel


Posted on April 23 2018

Last week I had an email from Canada about a QuadCruise which was lagging instead of holding speed  - and disengaging, but it would engage and climb back to SET speed above 10 kph.  It sounded funny, so I gave them a call and went through diagnostic mode on the phone with the tech.  It took '53' presses of the SET key to just start to lift the engine off idle in Diagnostic Mode!   I said to Ryan (the Tech) it was supposed to take about 8 presses of the SET key, then press RES 8 times to ensure it was at the minimum position switch in the electric servo.  At that point the cable freeplay had to be adjusted such that 1-3 presses of the SET key would just start to lift the engine off idle.  I emphasized that this freeplay adjustment is what the mathematics in the software expects and if it is right -two things happen: 1. When you press SET to engage the cruise control at any speed, the MCCruise will apply exactly the right amount of throttle to ensure it holds that speed steady. 2. It also means that once the cruise control is engaged, as soon as it sees a speed change when engaged, the throttle instantly reacts to try to compensate - it doesn't have to overcome the freeplay before the engine responds.  The resulting difference in performance is staggering and the tech was blown away by the difference.

That ATV had been performing really badly for EIGHT years - and no-one had thought to question it!  Now he knows how to get it right - Ryan will do the whole fleet.  The point being - you need to read, understand and follow the installation instructions.

It worries me that there might be a lot of MCCruise installed out there that are not set up properly and therefore not performing optimally. If you have any concerns about this, it is quite easy to test in diagnostic mode whether the cable freeplay is setup properly.  See your Setup Manual under section 8. - checking the cable freeplay and be aware that the procedure is different for vacuum actuators (shown above); ATV electric servos (not shown) and our new bike and ATV electric servo (the long black tube shown) - so ensure you are following the right procedure.

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