MCCruise sponsors marathon endurance rides.

Written by Tony Guymer


Posted on January 20 2022

Here is some information about two upcoming endurance rides MotorCycle Cruise Controls is sponsoring. We wish Wendy and Ian the best of luck in these marathon endeavors:
Wendy Crockett, from The Cyclesmiths in California is a VERY experienced long-distance endurance rider and MCCruise is sponsoring her and Ian McPhee (from Australia), also a VERY experienced internationally experienced long distance rider, in some enormous upcoming rides in the USA and Australia
Recently she wrote to us: 'For the past couple years I’ve been working with my riding partner Ian McPhee on an absolutely epic motorcycle endurance ride which will culminate (if successful) in both a Guinness World Record and an Iron Butt Association world record due to its completely new approach to Long distance riding. We are commencing the Australian ride in April this year on a Yamaha FJR1300 and a Yamaha Super Tenere and then flying into Chicago in May to pick up our American based bikes ( a Yamaha FJR1300 and a BMW RT1100) to execute that ride plan.
Ian and Wendy are both very accomplished competitive endurance riders and Wendy recently became the first woman to ever win the 11-day, 11,000-mile Iron Butt Rally. It’s been a whirlwind of radio, TV, podcast, professional blog and magazine interviews, personal appearances, online seminars, national awards – she's even been featured in three feature-length documentary films.
Wendy competed in the Iron Butt Rally for 2021 finishing a very credible 6th place, her 4th top ten finish from 6 events. She successfully tested a new prototype electric servo we are developing - about as serious a test as anyone could imagine! Bench testing suggests it should do 500,000 km without issues, but on-road testing is another matter altogether and the two rides planned will test the new servos real time.
PS: Ian McPhee was also supposed to compete in the 2021 Iron Butt which would have been his 5th consecutive start, but the international travel restrictions and lock-downs in Australia prevented his participation.



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    Good luck to Wendy and Ian. I am looking forward to reading the updates on the ride.

    Posted by Don Larson | January 25, 2022
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