Fitting MCCruise' Universal Cruise to Cruiser motorcycles

Written by Tony Guymer


Posted on January 17 2018

MCCruise receives many enquiries for cruise control on smaller cruisers: 2008 Yamaha Vstar 650 classic; 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 classic LT; Suzuki Boulevard c50 and many others.

It is not possible to get every bike to do specific development, but our Universal Kit can be fitted by any capable mechanic - it just takes time and thought about how to best fit it to the bike.

Many motorcycle riders are very capable mechanics, so this blog is aimed at those of you who might want cruise control for a bike for which we don't have a specific model, but are not sure how to go about getting one.

 MCCruise has a detailed PDF designed to assist individuals in judging whether they could  install a kit on their bike and all the information required to do so. 

The advantage in fitting MCCruise to cruiser motorcycles is that there isn't much disassembly of the bike needed compared to fully-faired bikes.

The downside with cruisers is that it is very difficult to hide the cruise control components. However, if you can live with the look of the servo being visible and usually the cable interface unit, then except on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, we find the computer can be mounted out of sight under the seat somewhere.

You can use the brochures on our web site to get an idea of what MCCruise parts will look like on your bike and where they might mount:

Electric servo mounting - left side down-tube from head-stem on Harley-Davidson - see page 2

Cable Interface Unit (CIU) mounting on Cruiser motorcycles - The CIU can be seen mounted typically just behind the head-stem on the left hand side in front of the fuel tank. Typical Cable Interface Unit (CIU) mounting on cruiser motorcycles - page 2 of C109 Brochure.

MCCruise Computer - typically can be mounted on or near the battery on most cruisers or under the side covers left or right hand side. The Suzuki C109 Brochure shows possible computer mounting on page 1.



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