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Universal 'Carburettor' Cable (CIU to throttle body or carburettor connecting cable)

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Cable Part #/Length: MCSCC100 - 100mm

Sku: MCSCC100

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If a CIU (Cable Interface Unit) is fitted as part of the cruise control installation (most motorcycles require a CIU to safely fit a cruise control) a new cable is needed to connect the CIU to the bike's carburettors or throttle bodies.

A 'carburettor' cable (for connection to either carburettors or fuel injection throttle bodies) is included in the Universal Basic Cruise Control Components Kit, so unless you want an additional cable in a different length or you are only ordering a CIU kit to fit another make of cruise control, you do NOT need to order a 'Carburettor' cable.

If you are only ordering a CIU kit to go with another make of cruise control, you will also need a 'carburettor' cable. You can either make one from parts, or order one from the range of cables we stock.

Our cables have a standard M6 x 1 threaded adjuster at both ends. The end for the CIU has a ball nipple that will fit through a M6 threaded hole and fits the dual spool in the CIU. The other end has a 'normal' 6mm diameter barrel nipple that will fit pretty much every bike out there.

If your bike has an adjuster with an 8mm thread, we have adaptors available to allow the 6mm thread to fit a throttle body or carburettor designed for an 8mm thread. Several Suzuki models and a couple of Honda models use 8mm threads, but the majority of bikes use a 6mm thread or a 6mm un-threaded receptacle that our adjuster will fit. Contact us for info about the 8mm adaptors.

We also have a range of 'special' cables with different lengths, different adjusters (M6 x 0.75 thread) and different nipples (eg 5mm diameter instead of 6mm diameter). Contact us if you have something out of the ordinary.

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