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Tractor PTO Cruise Applications

atv speed limiter

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Tractor PTO Cruise Control - built to WORK!

Our cruise control works exactly the same as a car - except that we designed and built it specifically to precisely control Tractor Power Take Offs (PTOs).

Our cruise control is purpose-built to deliver precise PTO speed control under rapidly varying load conditions for both performance and economy with very rapid acceleration to the required operating PTO RPM - its performance will astound you.

Imagine the increase in productivity if you or any of your staff can deliver the same application rate hour after hour, day after day.

Your safety is paramount in its design and performance.

Reliability is paramount in the cruise controls production: kits fitted in 2009 are still working today and use the same technology which has been working reliably in the field since 2000 on ATVs;

Built-in diagnostic functions make it easy for us to diagnose problems and often fix them over the phone anywhere in the world;

Our service and support - if needed - is second to none!

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