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Cruise Control for Husqvarna 701 & 701 LR Enduro from 2021 Euro 5 TBW

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Switch Option: New Slim MCCruise Switch

Diagnostic Dongle: No Dongle fitted

Computer Mount Bracket: Standard Bracket

Sku: MCS7190_701TBW_GT1014

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We now have confirmation that the KTM690 2021 cruise control kit fits and works on the 2021 Husqvarna 701 & 701 LR with the Euro 5 spec.

This cruise control is for the new Euro 5 spec KTM690 and Husky 701 and will connect to the Euro 5 OBDII diagnostic connector. Photos of the diagnostic connectors can be selected in the photos above. These connectors are under the seat, near the negative terminal of the battery. If your bike has the earlier diagnostic connector do NOT purchase this kit, order the 2019~2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro cruise control kit The cruise control kits are essentially identical in all other respects.

In order to fit the 701 Enduro LR (Long Range - with extra fuel tanks) we have made a new mounting bracket for the cruise control computer. Please ensure you buy the correct bracket. The Standard bracket will fit a 701 without long range fuel tanks, the Long Range bracket will fit all models, but MUST be ordered for fitment on the 701LR or where the long range fuel tank is fitted. The photos above show these mounting positions on a 2021 KTM690 Enduro, and on previous model Husqvarna 701's.

The Motorcycle Cruise Control unit is adapted specifically for this vehicle, with a custom made and fully plug and play wiring harness, using genuine connectors and terminals as used by the manufacturer. There is no wire splicing or any other permanent changes made to your bike.

The motorcycle cruise installation instructions and specific cruise manuals and supporting documents can be found here.

Cruise control switch mounting bracket - the MCCruise bracket uses the bike's original mirror mount (EMAIL US if you have removed the mirrors), and there are three options to choose from (see photos):

    1. New Slim MCCruise switch: Our new fully-featured and weatherproof switch is fitted between the bike's switch block and the clutch lever mount. Backlit buttons for night use, power (ON-OFF) indicator light and engage indicator light. The switch is 10mm (3/8") wide, so it may be necessary to slide the clutch lever assembly across to make space to mount the switch on the handlebar. Contact us for installation instructions if you wish to see how it is fitted.

    2. Our original control switch using an above bar switch mounting bracket - puts the switch above the handlebar.

    3. Our original control switch using a below bar mounting bracket - puts the switch below the handlebar. Check that there is at least 25mm (1") clearance in a straight line below the bike's switch gear when the handlebars are turned full left.

    Diagnostic Dongle for KTM & Husqvarna motorcycles

    Many KTM/Husqvarna riders install CAN-BUS fuel or off-road dongles to the CAN-BUS diagnostic plug on their bikes. The MCCruise also taps into this plug, so to have two connections, a pass-through patch harness is required to support accessories downstream of the MCCruise connection. To facilitate this process, MCCruise makes a specific connector for KTM/Husqvarna motorcycles.

    If your bike has any sort of CAN-BUS dongle connected to the CAN-BUS diagnostic plug, please ensure when buying your new MCCruise you select the Dongle Connection Included button, rather than buying this accessory later. Buying at the same time as buying your cruise control minimizes shipping costs for customers.

    Accessory/Aftermarket LED brake/tail lights and brake light modulators

    Many KTM & Husqvarna riders install a different LED tail light or complete fuel tank/tail section to their bikes. The cruise control works with the original KTM & Husqvarna tail light, but we have found that in most cases we have to make a minor modification to the wiring harness if different tail light is fitted or is a brake light modulator is fitted. This modification is an LED Harness Modification and MUST be purchased with the cruise control if any other LED tail/brake light is fitted or is going to be fitted to the bike at a later time. Click here to select the LED Harness Modification.

    FIM Compliant 'Rally' brake/tail light.

    We have some customers who fit an FIM Compliant LED brake/tail light to be able to participate in various Rally' events. This light is usually fitted in addition to the normal brake/tail light. This light will prevent the cruise control engaging because it interferes with the cruise control's brake detection. In order to make this work with the cruise control a blocking diode must be fitted to the brake light power wire to this light. Click here to see an example of this type of light. Contact us for more info about this.

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    The electronic cruise control unit is shipped worldwide with all parts, parts list and detailed installation instructions for this kit.

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