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ATV Speed Limiter Applications

atv speed limiter

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ATV Speed Limiters - built for SAFETY! 

Our 'SpeedSafe' ATV speed limiter allows the vehicle to deliver full power up to the pre-set limiting road speed.

Factory settings dictate a limited speed of 25kph (15mph) to adhere to typical Occupation Health & Safety Standards worldwide.

The limiting speed can be set by management or a parent to any desired speed (as slow or fast as you want) but the operator cannot change it.

Your safety is paramount in its design and performance so the limit is a 'soft' limit - the vehicle progressively runs out of power after the limiting speed is reached and will not exceed about 2kph (1mph) above SET speed.

Reliability is paramount in the speed limiters production.

Built-in diagnostic functions make it easy for us to diagnose problems and often fix them over the phone anywhere in the world;

Our service and support - if needed - is second to none!

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