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Yamaha TDM900 for sale - setup for around-Australia touring!

by Tony Guymer March 24, 2018

Yamaha TDM900 for sale - setup for around-Australia touring!

For anyone considering touring around Australia by bike - particularly those from Europe, who appreciate the true practicality and versatility of the TDM900 - my bike is perfectly setup for reliable transport pretty much anywhere you might want to go ......

My Yamaha TDM900 2005 is now definitely ‘on the market’ - reluctantly. 

Extras include:
1.    MCCruise electronic cruise control;

2.    Handlebar Risers;

3.    Better handlebars;
4.    German-engineered engine protection bars WITH highway foot pegs;

5.    German-engineered centre stand;
6.    Factory exhausts in mint condition (fitted) OR Megacycle exhausts;
7.    Sheep skin seat cover;
8.    Ventura rack;
9.    Heated grips;
10.    Reworked rear shock absorber;
11.    New front fork seals;

12.    Bubble screen;

13.    As-new tyres;
14.    Roadworthy Certificate
15.   Complete log books and all receipts
16.    Six Months Victorian registration in your name
17.    Multiple riding positions.
18.    Some extras included.

Setup to go around Australia.  New fork seals/new chain and sprockets.  Fully maintained with only 54,000 km on the clock - just run-in!

 You couldn't do better touring Australia than with this bike with some throw-over saddlebags and a gearsack.

I let rego lapse as I wanted to take it to NSW and re-register it in Eden to ride the Snowy Mountains roads.  Got a new hip last year though and now need something smaller.

Genuine buyers come and test ride - you will be blown away by how good it is around town and touring .... and our cruise control is unbelievable on it - at all speeds! This bike is incredible in the twisties - in Tassie - and elsewhere!  You don't have to thrash it - just stick it in third or fourth - it is deceptively fast ........

......the possibility of a buy-back exists - if you don't throw it down the road!

Email me for more info or to discuss.

Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

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