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Outgoing emails blocked by Microsoft for legitimate Press Release to Kubota dealers

by Tony Guymer September 22, 2022

Outgoing emails blocked by Microsoft for legitimate Press Release to Kubota dealers

Hi customers,

Regrettably I have to advise that MCCruise outgoing emails have been blocked by Microsoft, for sending the following in emails to Kubota dealers only. Personally I question the legality of this behaviour, but understand there is a plethora of spammers out there, whose activities need to be curtailed.

We apologise for the inconvenience of not being able to reply to you for up to 72 hours, we are told by GoDaddy.

Here is the email content for those interested:


 MCCruise in Australia has re-developed their QuadCruise specifically for RTVs.  Offering incredible performance and reliability proven over the last 20 years in the field, QuadCruise delivers all that it promises – on RTVs and tractors.

Background: The original electric servo used by MCCruise since 1997 became obsolete and unobtainable in 2019.  MCCruise has now developed a completely new, powerful servo to replace the automotive-based product previously used.

See the video here:

 Full installation instructions can be found here:  Kubota and Setup and Trouble Shooting Guides with full wiring diagrams can be found here:  MANUALS

 Dealers can see suggested retail prices, whether logged in or not, here: and when you create an account and MCCruise authourise it, you will be able to see and buy directly at trade pricing here:

 To create an account:

 go to Login at top right of screen and click to get:

  1. Sign up as a new customer at bottom right;
  2. Please ensure all contact details are provided as couriers will not take anything without proven addresses and phone numbers for the destination since 9/11;
  3. Once I authourise you for trade, you will be able to see and buy product under WHOLSALE PRODUCTS on the menu bar on our web site;
  4. We suggest 3-4 hours installation on your first kit, but you may well get that down to 2 hours+ as your experience increases.
  5. Kits come to you pre-calibrated – the only thing you need to do is test all functions in diagnostic mode and setup the cable freeplay;
  6. Cable freeplay setup is CRITICAL to good performance.  Once installed we can guide you through by phone if required, but we are developing a specific video to assist.  It isn’t difficult, but is vital.  The difference between good performance and remarkable performance is astounding – and this freeplay controls that by matching the mathematics in the code to the physical freepaly.

 MCCruise looks forward to satisfying your needs and increasing the marketability of Kubota RTVs over the competition.


Best regards,


Tony Guymer,Director

13/137-145 Rooks Road, Nunawading, 3131 AUSTRALIA

Ph +613 9808 2804

Email: Web Sites: &



This email has been scanned by BullGuard antivirus protection.

For more info visit


Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

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