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Vacuum servos going, going, gone...

by Tony Guymer January 11, 2017

Vacuum servos going, going, gone...


The supply of new vacuum servos will be exhausted by the time you read this, forcing us to  remove (SOLD OUT) the majority of kits after many years of sale.

There are a couple of used units available with cosmetic scuff marks, but can we guarantee their reliability (all other parts in the kit are new).

Please email us if you need any kit requiring a vacuum actuator, we'll see if there are any left, and tell you whether we can supply. Only an email to can be used to try to purchase one.

Note that electric servo product is still readily available - including over 50 motorcycle models, all ATV QuadCruise and tractor PTO cruise kits.


Tony and Frank Guymer, Directors


Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

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