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MCCruise website advances in leaps and bounds

by Tony Guymer November 08, 2016

We are really pleased with the way our web site has come together in the last few days.  Functionality for our dealers has improved greatly.

All customers should remember: when focused on products which run over the bottom of the screen, scroll down using the mouse wheel (or two fingers on a Mac touchpad) to see all manufacturers and all products.

We have so much product now - over 160 motorcycle cruise controls, nearly that in ATVs and now many SpeedSafe ATV speed limiters - that it becomes difficult to present all the information in easily accessible ways on a single screen.

We are still working on some refinements which will take some time to put in place, but we hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the MCCruise site and explore some of the brilliant photographs taken by our many customers over the last twenty years all over the world - often in places our MCCruise made it less painful and/or often possible to get to.....



Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

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