MCCruise for Harley-Davidson Dynas & Softails

Written by Tony Guymer


Posted on May 09 2017

Do you want fully electronic cruise control on your Harley-Davidson Dyna or Softail? (2007 to 2015 - Pre-throttle-by-wire bikes.)  [Earlier models available on request]

 MotorCycle Cruise Controls in Australia have been in business since 1997 selling their vacuum servo-based electronic cruise controls - worldwide, but they have been selling their new, brilliantly performing, robust electric servo kit for the last three years (since it was developed) and sales are skyrocketing as more riders become aware such a product exists.

 You can see a lot of details about the kits here: .  Note the PDF brochures on the product pages, which you can safely view to see what the kits look like on your bike.  As an example, the late model Softail brochure is here: and in the following link you can see exactly what you get for your money:

 If you want more information please contact Tony or Frank at for complete instructions on how to install the MCCruise.  They are also happy to talk to your dealer or mechanic about fitting the kit and how long it should take, if you don’t feel capable yourself after reviewing the instructions.  Their goal is to ensure you get it fitted right –first time – and they can call your mechanic if required, to ensure that happens. (VOIP is a wonderful thing!  It costs less to call the USA – than the next suburb here in Oz!)

 Use the currency converter at top right of screen at .  Assuming you are in the USA, shipping adds $77.40AUD (about $55USD) and takes 7-10 days.  Canada adds about $79AUD for shipping.   Note that you are billed in AUD however in the cart.  Your credit card statement will show the EXACT amount in AUD and the equivalent amount in USD will be billed at that instant you buy.

 Installation procedure –

 Don't forget: The cruise module is pre-calibrated. Simply follow the installation instructions step by step until the cruise is completely installed.

 Next, use the Setup Manual to go into diagnostic mode , test all cruise functions and ensure the cable freeplay is setup correctly.  This is the most important thing to get right in making the cruise work really well because the mathematics in the software expects a specific amount of freeplay.  Get this right and the cruise will take over seamlessly when you hit the SET key at any speed & perform at its best at all times while engaged.

 You should not need to perform any of the calibration procedures.  The cruise control will work fine as it is – straight out of the box!

 Critical points to follow: 

  1. Lubricate the throttle grip AND cables exactly as we specify;
  2. Ensure you set up the free-play in the ‘carburettor’ cable (yes- we know they are EFI – the term is a hangover from ‘the old days’!) as we recommend and confirm in diagnostic mode. 
  3. If you have a problem, don’t waste time hunting through diagnostics when we can almost certainly point you straight to the problem.  Simply EMAIL us with a brief description of the problem and a phone number and we will call you as soon as possible and diagnose the cause and advise how to fix it. This applies whether you do it, or give it to a trained mechanic.
  4. Go for a ride and assess two SEPARATE performance indicators:
  5. a) when you press the SET key and after holding the throttle for a ½ second or so and feeling the cruise take over(it has to take up freeplay – and the faster you are travelling, the more freeplay it needs to take up before applying throttle: so it takes time to do it) – then feel whether the bike holds the SET speed exactly or whether the speed sags and then climbs back to SET speed; or pushes and then fades back to SET speed.  Note how it performs and let us know if it doesn’t go straight to SET speed;
  6. Once the cruise is engaged and on SET speed, observe whether it holds that speed without noticeable surges and decelerations.  If it wanders around SET speed more than 1mph (2kph) and you can feel it, let us know by email and we can call to discuss the exact symptoms and how to remedy it.

 I hope that helps clarify who we are and what we have developed specifically for you - as Harley-Davidson owners.  We saw the need and set out quite deliberately to develop and electric servo which was aesthetically more acceptable and a new smaller computer simply because there is nowhere to hide the cruise components on your bikes.



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