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MC Cruise review on 1999 HD FLHTC Road King

by Tony Guymer August 12, 2013

Evening Tony,

I have finally found time to drop you a few lines about the Cruise Control set up you guys designed and fitted for me to my Harley Road King. It is just what I wanted.  Makes the long trips and even the short hops an absolute pleasure. Not that they weren’t before, but just more of an enjoyable ride now. My Road King is a pleasure to ride at any time and the added Cruise Control set up makes it just that bit more enjoyable.  It was the only thing missing from a beautiful Harley and your set up suits it down to the ground.

Some points:


  • The simplistic set up is superb, easy to see, easy to monitor and easy to operate
  • Night operation is easy with the well-lit panel
  • The position is perfect, leaves right hand free to control speed for setting
  • Resetting to speed after braking is easy using one finger operation
  • Got caught in the rain a few weeks back and no ill effects felt, water proofing completed to high standards


  • The only sight that I have an aftermarket Cruise Control fitted from walking around the bike is the control panel, the positioning of all controls, wiring etc is well hidden, nothing can be seen, if it wasn’t a Harley owner looking no one would be the wiser
  • The position chosen to store the mechanicals behind the left side cover is excellent


  • You mentioned when I picked up the bike that there might be a touch of variation on hills etc but I have not seen this, cruising up the Calder with its hills means nothing, could be just the might of the HD, but super smooth
  • I like the way you have set the Cruise Control to auto on once the bike is started, get on, start up and when needed or ready, push the button. I always apply the brakes when starting, so once I get rolling the cruise is ready to go
  • The ease of turning the cruise off is also good, yes a little roll back to be expected on the throttle, but you are ready for it. I have not had the instance of having to use emergency braking as yet with the cruise operating but do not see this as a concern
  • All in all - number one.


  • Except for reading the well laid out and easily understandable instructions, I have had to do nothing. The bike gets washed and shined more often than it needs to and I keep the water pressure away from the important bits as you would expect to do - common sense really.


Could not be happier with the finished product, the cost was very reasonable - excellent in fact, the fitment excellent, the product and the way it operates - excellent, then add in the service received when I first inquired and of course the service when getting the product fitted and I am one happy Harley Owner.

Tony to you and the lads - Frank and Steve, many thanks and if anybody asks I will have no fear to suggest they make contact with MC Cruise as soon as they can.

Cheers and thanks again for all your help,

 Steve D, Rochester, Victoria, Australia



Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

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