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Ducati Multistrada is the flagship for the new MC Cruise ELECTRIC SERVO

by Tony Guymer May 28, 2013

MotorCycle Cruise Controls is pleased to announce it will soon take deposits for  Ducati Multistrada  cruise control kits featuring the  new electric servo  - combined with all new software on our existing computer. A prototpye kit has been 'in service' since January 2013 and all indications are that it performs brilliantly and is reliable.


         Electric Servo (front) with new Cruise Module        Existing Cruise Module (rear) & new Cruise Module         

Our policy is to use the electric servo in all new model development where access to vacuum is difficult, the vacuum source is compromised on the vehicle or space is a problem for the existing vacuum actuator.  Where specific problems exist in current or older models, they will be progressively redeveloped as demand requires and need dictates.

The company is currently working on a kit for the late '90s Harley Davidson Road Kings as we can readily access a bike for development and testing.  These developments will flow into a range of new products  for Harley Davidson.  We expect to have a prototype kit working before June and a production unit available around mid June, 2013.  Deposits will be able to be lodged on kits for these bikes in early June on our web site.

All future Harley Davidson and 'cruiser'  cruise control development will feature our new cruise modules and electric servos.  These bikes all present specific problems relating to space and hiding cruise control components which demand the new equipment.

The new software available on all new bike kits sold now (and able to be upgraded on all existing kits with either new software or a replacement computer), provides coast function and speed alert features. A speed alert kit will be available in June providing the wiring, terminals and instructions to set up a speed alert using a piezo electric buzzer or LEDs - see below:


    LED Speed Alert        


     Speed Alert Kit - excluding LEDs or Piezo Buzzer 





Tony Guymer
Tony Guymer

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